May 16th – 9:00 a.m.

Bring it on, right? For those that are comfortable and ready for a live event – this one’s for you!

In keeping with local guidelines and protocols this event will be live but limited to 400 participants. The 2021 live event will take place at Chugiak High School and the surrounding Birchwood Loop bike course.


  • Distance: 300 yard snake swim*


  • Distance: 9 miles
  • Same course as the Bike For Women
  • Course map to come


  • 3.1 miles
  • Same course as the Eagle River Tri
  • Course map to come

Starting Swimmers:

Swimmers start times will be selected with the following criteria:
  • Top 50 racers from 2018 & 2019 (just like past years)
  • Those that purchased lane bids in 2020
  • By estimated swim times provided during the registration process

Please note by limiting this event to just 400 racers we expect to be finished in the pool by 1 pm.

Key swim details?

  • All racers must enter the pool through the designated as the pool entrance inside the school. Entrance to the pool is at the far northeast end of the school.
  • Timing chips will be passed out on the pool deck along with plastic ankle straps for the chip. If you have your own strap feel free to bring it. Place the strap on you left ankle (before you start your swim) and do not take it off until you cross the finish line. These are not disposable chips and must be left off at the finish line and placed in the chip bucket. Please note, you will have to take the chip off yourself. We will not be able to have a volunteer assist in this manner as in past year. Scissors will be available to cut off the plastic straps.
  • In a snake swim there will be other swimmers in the lane ahead of and behind you; it’s your responsibility to stay on the designated sides of the lane and you snake up and down each lap.

What is a snake swim?

Snake swim is a format where swimmers all enter the pool from the same lane/start with approximately 30 seconds space between each racer. Racers swim the length of the lane, turn at the wall and then swim back down the same lane on the other side – completing a full lap (50 yards). With the first lap complete, racers then swim under the lane line, entering the next lane and proceed in the same manner as they did in lap one. They will continue snaking up and down the lanes until completing the 300-yard/12 lengths/6 lane snake swim.

Why a snake swim?

The snake swim format allows us to manage distancing and other COVID safety requirements throughout the entire swim portion of the event from on-deck staging prior to entering the water, to the actual swim itself (minimizing the number of times people swim adjacent to each other, and exiting the swim). It also requires less volunteers also contributing to COVID safety management.