What does “on deck” time mean? On deck is the time you should be on the deck of the pool and in line. You should give yourself an hour prior to your on deck time to pick up your swim card, go to the restroom, hydrate or have a bite of your nutritional bar, warm up in the center pool, and be ready for your on deck time.

*Racers on deck later than 3:00 p.m. run the risk of being excluded from participating

It’s hard to judge with 100% accuracy on bib start times. Many of you mentioned in this year’s racer survey the frustration of standing around and waiting. We hear you……we don’t like it either. We can only take into account what racers have estimated but we think we are closer.

It would not be fare to assign all fast racers first, then slower, and then slowest……especially based on swim times alone. So we do mix swim time through out the day. Saying that, we also separate lanes and try to place like swimmers (times wise) together as best we can. 

Bib # Start  Bib # End On Pool Deck Time 
1 50 8:30 AM
51 100 8:45 AM
101 250 9:00 AM
251 450 9:45 AM
451 600 10:30 AM
601 750 11:15 AM
751 950 12:00 PM
951 1150 12:45 PM
1151 1250 1:30 PM
1251 1400 2:00 PM
1401 1550 2:30 PM
1551 1650 3:30 PM