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After your swim, you will retrieve your bike from transition area 1 (T1 / Bike Corral) and follow the “Exit Bike” sign out of the southeast end of the Bartlett High School parking lot. Follow the flagging and spray chalk markings that will take you through a dirt connector path where you will ride briefly on Alaska Native Heritage Center Drive. Once you reach North Muldoon Road, you will take a sharp left onto the multi-use trail. (Please take caution on this turn!) You will ride on the trail adjacent to Glenn Highway to the JBER/Glenn Highway overpass. There you will see an APD officer and flagger pointing you to make a right turn and continue over the overpass. You will then see additional APD officers and more volunteers directing you to make a left onto Gunnery Range Road.

IMPORTANT: Gunnery Range Road is NOT closed to military personnel and vehicles; for safety purposes, there is to be NO RIDING SIDE-BY-SIDE with another racer (including mother-daughter teams).

Are we in Britain? Are you sure? – Yep, we are sure!
After you turn left onto Gunnery Range Road (that’s the left after going over the JBER/Glenn Highway overpass). You will ride north on the left side of Gunnery Range Road until you get to the bike turn-around at mile 2.7. (Yes, you will make that turn around to the right). Then stay on the far left side again when going south on the road. Why, you ask? So that you do not cross over with other racers on their bikes when you get back to the intersection where you entered on to Gunnery Range Road. It is quite counterintuitive, but trust us – it’s for the best. ONLY on Gunnery Range Road will you always stay to your left-hand side.

Flaggers and volunteers will be at the entrance and exit of Gunnery Range Road to ensure that you are using the correct side of the road. They may yell at you to stay to your left, but it’s all in your best interest so that you ride on the “correct” side of the road. Once you are back on Arctic Valley Road, you will ride with traffic again. Yippe! T2 is getting closer!

When you reach the intersection of Gunnery Range Road and Arctic Valley Road, you will veer to the left but ride on the right-hand side of Arctic Valley Road. You will continue for about a mile until you see another flagger directing you and potential traffic exiting Glenn Highway onto Arctic Valley Road. At the stop sign where the flagger is turn left heading east on Arctic Valley Road, which parallels the golf course. Continue to bike past the driving range and up a small hill where Transition Area 2 (T2) will be on your right.