Cancellation, Refunds, & Transfers

Refunds: The Gold Nugget Triathlon will not issue refunds or deferrals to 2022 for any reason.

Planning and developing an athletic event that ensures adequate support and supplies for participants is difficult. We rely on the registration information for an accurate participant count. Because this is vital to the success of our events, there will be no refunds once a registration has been processed.

2020 racers were given an option to refund last year or defer to the 2021 event. No additional refund or deferral opportunities being offered. We are thrilled to be able to press forward with a series of events this year. In the spirit of the GNT and recognizing that we are still operating in unusual times the race directors and board have worked hard to provide this selection of events including a live in-person event (as we had hoped to when we pushed last year’s registrations to 2021), to a hybrid group of events and all virtual-event options. All 2021 racer options include a great swag package and the full support of the GNT community in whichever event they choose.

Other key notations related to refunds and event changes are:

Transfers: USAT, our sanctioning and insuring entity, prohibits the transfer of any bib to another person at any time. This is a standard policy for triathlons and other races all over the country.

Cancellations: While we do not issue refunds, we know injuries, families, graduations, dance recitals and the like can all get in the way and make your day just to stressful to train or compete. You can make someone’s day who may be waiting for a spot to open by letting us know if you are unable to participate. Whomever is able to take a spot that you have opened upmay not know your name but will be praising you for your thoughtfulness. Please email so we may open up your spot if you plan to not race.

Changing 2021 Event Selections: You have the ability to manually change between any or all of the GNT events prior to racing (if they are open, as the live in-person and hybrid events are limited in participation numbers). The GNT virtual events are not limited to the number of participants that can compete. Information on changing events will be made available soon. 

Special note for 2020 deferred racers: Racers who chose to defer to this year’s event (versus choosing the one-time refund option offered through 5/31/2020 last year) agreed to the GNT refund policy.

We know this may be disappointing but we hope that racers seeking a refund or deferral to a future year understand that planning and developing an athletic event that ensures adequate support and supplies for participants is difficult. We rely on the registration information for an accurate participant count. Because this is vital to the success of our events, there are no additional refund or deferral opportunities being offered.

Lane Bids: For those that purchased lane bids for the 2020 event may choose from the following.

  • You will be seeded in the live swim to go out directly after the Elite wave of athletes
  • You may donate your purchase to this years charity, The Clare House
  • You may request a refund by sending an email to Credit cards fees and administrative fees will not be refunds.

USAT MEMBERSHIP, One Day License and Policies

USAT elected to defer one-day licenses from 2020 to 2021 events; however they are not deferring annual memberships.

Youth (18 and under) licenses/memberships are handled a bit differently than adults. Instead of a one-day license option available to adults, Youth are not able to purchase a one-day license; rather USAT grants all Youth an annual membership for the same cost of a one-day license (currently $10.00) *. As you can see from the USAT policy below year-long memberships come with many benefits; the most significant being that their one fee paid allows them to race in as many USAT sanctioned events as they want within that year-long period. For our Youth, in Alaska alone, that is a major benefit as we have many kids/youth triathlons (Gold Nugget Triathlon, Eagle River Triathlon, Why-Not-Tri, Turnagain Training events and more). Parents, if you did not know this already, make sure you use your youth’s membership number every time you register them for an event. You do not need to purchase a separate license/membership (as you may have thought) for each registration.

Youth & Adults. As with all USAT memberships, an integrated registration system (i.e. RunSignUp), is able to determine when your current member will expire. If that membership expires prior to race day, you will be prompted to renew your membership in order to complete your GNT registration.

* When youth registered for the 2020 event they were enrolled in an annual USAT membership effective the day the registration processed. Therefore, that membership paid for in 2020 is not valid for 2021, hence the reason for the charge when registering for this year’s events.

Only adult USAT one-day licenses are transferrable to the 2021 Gold Nugget Triathlon registration. Because of the above, we will not be refunding membership renewals paid for when registering for this year’s event. If you have a USAT one-day license from 2020 that did not or does not work in the 2021 GNT registration, please contact or USAT at the email below.

USAT policy on annual membership transfers or extensions. USA Triathlon is a membership-driven organization, and we are able to provide the services and benefits that we do because of the support of our nationwide multisport community. A USA Triathlon Annual Membership includes much more than access to USA Triathlon-sanctioned races. Annual members receive support and resources to take their training to the next level via subscriptions to the quarterly USA Triathlon Magazine and weekly Multisport Zone e-newsletter. In addition, members have access to exclusive discounts on industry-leading products and services from our corporate partners, as well as member content, resources and education opportunities.

We work hard to provide you with these additional benefits beyond access to racing, and while not everyone takes advantage of those benefits, there is a cost to administer them throughout the course of a membership period. Those expenses combined with the financial impact that we, and countless others, have experienced make it so that we cannot feasibly offer extensions, refunds or deferrals to USA Triathlon annual members.
For any additional questions, please reach out to