Please review the triathlon rules before the race.

  • No handlers allowed for any part of the race, except at T2 when you turn your bike over to a volunteer handler.
  • For seeded and lane bid swimmers, lap counters will be provided for the swim. While they do an excellent job at counting laps, swimmers are still ultimately responsible for knowing how many laps they swim.
  • All participants, except the top 64 seeded racers and those who purchased lane bibs, will snake swim.
  • No wet suits, fins, or flotation or floating devices allowed.
  • Any swim stroke or combination of strokes is allowed. Stopping and standing is also allowed, as long as you are not moving forward. Walking is not allowed.
  • A protective hard shell bicycle helmet is required and chin straps must be fastened at all times while the rider is on the bike. This includes on Saturday when you drop off your bike.
  • No tandems, recumbent bicycles, fairings, or any other device designed exclusively to reduce air resistance allowed (exceptions can be made for participants with disabilities with approval from the race directors).
  • There is no mandatory bike safety check, but all racers are responsible to have their bikes in safe working order.
  • All bikes must be standing (not upside down) in the transition area.
    • Bikes must be placed in transition using a racer-supplied bike stand; bike stands are required in T1. You may make your own or they are available for purchase at all of the packet pick-ups.
    • You may not use a kick stand as they have proven to be unreliable.

For a complete list of rules, please refer to the most up to date USA Triathlon Competitive Rules on the USAT website. The GNT Commonly Violated Rules & Penalties page offers good tips to remember on race day.