There are many facilities, clubs, trainers, and other entities in the greater Anchorage area that specialize in triathlon training, sport-specific clinics and training, and other events centered around each discipline of a triathlon. This, by all means, is not a complete list of what is available, but is intended to be a resource for the GNT community in the greater Anchorage area. For training information in your home town we suggest reaching out to your local triathlon club, your municipality’s recreation department, or doing an online search for training in your area.

*GNT sponsors are noted with asterisks (*) below.

Visit the current training opportunities page for great offers and training opportunities from GNT sponsors and community partners.


There are numerous swimming facilities and swim groups in and around the Anchorage area. Each offers different programming that may include lap swim, youth and adult swim lessons, group training, and other activities.


For indoor biking, considering purchasing a stationary trainer, so you can practice riding your own bike in the off season. Many local athletic clubs offer stationary bikes and spin classes. You can also find many indoor bike workouts online.


Local running events, groups, and training:


  • The Alaska Club* offers a variety of programs and clinics to prepare their members (and nonmembers’ for triathlons).
  • The Alaska Triathlon Club* works to foster the sport of triathlon at all levels, from beginners to seasoned racers. The club offers a variety of clinics throughout the months leading up to the Gold Nugget Triathlon, as well as races later in the summer.
  • Multisport Training of Alaska* offers a comprehensive package of clinics and training sessions. Owned and operated by Lisa Keller, workouts are available for every level of fitness and expertise.
  • Turnagain Training* offers individualized coaching, pre-established training plans, swim and run analysis, and nutritional counseling.


Many of the clubs and trainers listed above offer strength and conditioning classes, as do numerous other facilities throughout Anchorage.

There are several online sites that offer comprehensive training programs to prepare for triathlons.

For additional information on the sport of triathlon, racing tips, race and event schedules, and rules visit the USA Triathlon website.