The Gold Nugget Triathlon has two separate transitions:

  • Transition 1 (also known as T1) is located in the Bartlett High School parking lot. This is the transition from the Swim to the Bike.
  • Transition 2 (also known as T2) is located off of Arctic Valley Road about a quarter of a mile past the Moose Run Golf Course. Located on the south side of the road, this is the transition from the Bike to the Run.

Get all the information you need about the transitions here.

Timing Mats are tricky

swim, transition
TIMING MATS What if I need to use the restroom before I swim? May I use the toilets in the locker room? Yes, (read this carefully now) BUT YOU MUST…


Transition Area 1

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TRANSITION AREA 1 (T1 – Bartlett High School) This is the swim-to-bike transition area. It is called T1! Also known to some as the Bike Corral. When you leave the…


Transition Area 2

bike, logistics, run, transition
Transition Area 2 (T2) This is your transition from the bike to the run. Yippee! T2 is getting closer to the finish! T2 is located off of Arctic Valley Road…


Racer Bib and Numbers

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RACER BIB & NUMBERS Where do we put all these numbers? TATTOOS – Place the Sports Tattoo (body tattoos) on your upper right arm and your lower left leg. BIKE…


Bike Stands

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BIKE STANDS Everyone must have a bike stand (and please make sure they are sturdy!) Make sure you have a well-built, solid bike stand to keep your bike upright in…


Gear Drop

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GEAR DROP There are TWO (2) Gear Drops: 1)  T2: For those wanting gear waiting for them at T2 – You will place your gear (running shoes, if you have clip-in…