What if I need to use the restroom before I swim? May I use the toilets in the locker room?

Yes, (read this carefully now) BUT YOU MUST ENTER (AND EXIT) THE LOCKER ROOM FROM THE LOBBY/HALLWAY AND NOT FROM THE POOL DECK. Why? There are timing mats at the pool deck entrance to the locker room.

To enter the locker room, please ask the volunteer near the doorway for a safe time to enter, as racers will be exiting through the locker rooms when they complete their swim. If you use the restrooms in the locker room before your race begins, once you are done, you must exit the locker room through the hallway (the same door you came in through). DO NOT EXIT DIRECTLY TO THE POOL DECK.

There are also restrooms upstairs above the pool deck next so the spectator seating area.

DO NOT CROSS THE TIMING MATS located at the pool deck entrance to the locker rooms coming from the pool or the locker room,  BEFORE YOUR RACE.

WHY? It will give you a false time. It will think you have started your race far before you actually do. You do not want all that time posted in your race results!

Are there Timing Mats on Course. In addition to the pool, there are timing mats located throughout the course. Anywhere there is a timing mat your time will be captured and transmitted to the participant results and tracking page where your family and friends can monitor your progress.

  • Mat #1 is located as you enter the locker room after you get out of the pool. The time it takes you to get out of the pool and crossing that timing mat will be calculated in your swim time.
  • Mat #2 is located as you depart T1 on your bike. You must walk over this mat with your bike before mounting and beginning the bike portion of the event. The time from Mat #1 to Mat #2 is your T1 transition time.
  • Mat #3 is at the end of the bike as you enter into transition 2 (T2). The time between Mat #2 to Mat #3 is your bike time.
  • Mat #4 is just under the arch as you depart T2 on your run. The time between Mat #3 and Mat #4 is your T2 transition time.
  • Mat #5 is the finish line – yay, it’s over and ‘YOU are a triathlete’! The time from Mat #4 to Mat #5 is your run time.

There is a mat just prior to the finish line; this mat is only used to alert announcers of who is coming up to the finish line next. Put on a big smile after you see that matt and really give it your all to the finish line. Family and Friends will be waiting to congratulate you!