Bike (event #2)

It’s the fast one, the longest (12 miles), the most hills, and probably the most fun. Read up on all the details for the bike so your cadence is just right on race day!

Get all the information you need about the bike below.

Cut Off Times

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Are there cut off times for each of the Tri events? Yes, there are cut off times: Swim – 40 minutes Bike – 2:30 hours Run – 1:30 hours Please…


Safety First

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Safety first! Helmets – on your heads, please! If the wheels of your bike are moving and you are straddling your bike, sitting “lady-like” on the top tube or sitting…


Transition Area 1

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TRANSITION AREA 1 (T1 – Bartlett High School) This is the swim-to-bike transition area. It is called T1! Also known to some as the Bike Corral. When you leave the…


Bike Course

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BIKE COURSE Visit the Course Maps page for all GNT Maps, including the bike course. After your swim, you will retrieve your bike from transition area 1 (T1 / Bike…


Transition Area 2

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Transition Area 2 (T2) This is your transition from the bike to the run. Yippee! T2 is getting closer to the finish! T2 is located off of Arctic Valley Road…


Racer Bib and Numbers

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RACER BIB & NUMBERS Where do we put all these numbers? TATTOOS – Place the Sports Tattoo (body tattoos) on your upper right arm and your lower left leg. BIKE…


Bike Stands

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BIKE STANDS Everyone must have a bike stand (and please make sure they are sturdy!) Make sure you have a well-built, solid bike stand to keep your bike upright in…


Bike pick-up after the race

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BIKE PICK-UP AFTER THE RACE After you hand over your bike at T2, it will be placed into the back of a FedEx truck for transport back to the T1/bike…


Mandatory Bike Drop-off

bike, logistics
Mandatory Bike Drop-Off Saturday, May 18, 2024  |   1:00 – 5:00 p.m. Bartlett High School All participants will be required to drop off their bikes in Transition Area 1…