After you hand over your bike at T2, it will be placed ever so gently into the back of a FedEx truck for transport back to the T1/bike corral at Bartlett High School. GNT volunteers use moving blankets to help protect your bike from damage and scratches.

There is a good chance your bike and whatever gear you leave at T2 may make it back to T1 before you finish the race. Volunteers at Bartlett will take your bike out of the FedEx truck and place it in your bike stand in T1. They will easily find your space because you will have placed one of the plain bib number stickers on your bike stand! Only GNT volunteers are allowed in the FedEx trucks to retrieve bicycles and gear.

When you finish your race be sure to drink some fluids, eat some snacks, take some pictures, and enjoy the many “congrats” and hugs from your family and friends. Then, when you return to Bartlett you may enter the T1/bike corral through the “Bike Check-Out” area to retrieve your bike and other gear.

Please look around your area carefully and be sure to collect all of your belongings and trash. If the race is still going on, please be mindful of active racers in T1; active racers have the right of way!

For security purposes, in order to remove your bike from the T1/bike corral, you will need to show your actual running bib number or body marking/tattoo that matches the number on the bike you take with you.