BIKE STANDS – everyone must have a bike stand (and please make sure they are sturdy!) 

Make sure you have a well-built, solid bike stand to keep your bike upright in the transition area. Please test your bike in your bike stand prior to Saturday’s bike drop off. We highly recommend decorating it for a little inspiration and to make your transition slot easier for you to spot. 

Bike stands will be available for purchase at all of the bib pick-ups. If your existing or homemade stand is not very steady, you may want to consider purchasing a sturdy bike stand at Saturday’s bike drop or one of the bib pick ups.

You can also make your own; just make sure it can withstand a little jiggling. If you build your own bike stand (versus buying one at a pre-race bib pick-up), note that all racer slots are 26″ wide and 8′ long. Please make sure your bike stand fits within these dimensions.   

Kickstands are not allowed simply because they are too unpredictable and could put you in the same embarrassing situation as an ill-fitting or poorly made bike stand. With over 1,600 bikes in T1/bike corral, if one bike goes down, the entire row is likely to go down(think dominoes). It’s not like playing the game dominoes where you give yourself a high five when you’ve laid down all of your dominoes and won the game. This game of dominoes is really embarrassing. So make sure your bike stand fits your bike’s wheel and will keep it upright. If we find a stand that isn’t safe and could go down, we will pull the bike from transition. We would rather move one bike than pick up an entire row of bikes. 

If you want to purchase a bike stand at one of the bib pick-ups and you’re not sure which size fits your wheel, feel free to bring your bike’s back wheel with you (or the entire bike, if that’s easier). Bike stands will be available at all bib pick-ups for a donation of $18 that will support a local organization(this amount is subject to change from year-to-year). Check or cash only please. 

The racer packet you receive at bib pick-up will contain two stickers with your bib numbers on them. One will go on your helmet (in front, over your forehead) and the other must go on your bike stand. This is to guarantee that, when our volunteers bring your bike back from T2, it will be returned to the correct location.