TRANSITION AREA 1 (T1 – Bartlett High School)

This is the swim-to-bike transition area. It is called T1! Also known to some as the Bike Corral.
When you leave the pool building, you will run toward your bike in transition area  – T1.

T1 will be your home away from home for the day. Anything and everything that you need on race day will be in a 16-square foot space. What? Only 16 square feet? We know, it doesn’t seem like much, but trust us–it’s plenty! T1 is located in the main parking lot at Bartlett High School.

There is one entrance into T1 (when running from the pool) and one exit out of T1 (when taking off on your bike). There will be an Arch in the southeast corner of T1 with a sign indicating the exit – Don’t get on your bike until:

  1. Your helmet is on and securely fastened
  2. You are out of T1, and
  3. You are past the timing mats. Then you may jump on and be gone!