Mandatory Bike Drop-Off

Date and details to be updated when 2020 GNT race plan is confirmed. Visit the COVID-19 Race Updates page for more information

Saturday, TBD      
1:00 – 5:00 p.m.
Bartlett High School

All participants will be required to drop off their bikes in Transition Area 1 at Bartlett High School on the Saturday before the event between 1:00-5:00 p.m.

Do you ever wonder how you’re going to get all of that stuff from your car in the VA parking lot to the transition area in the Bartlett High School parking lot? That’s a tri in and of itself or, at least, a weight training class to roll and lug everything from the parking lot to the school. Bring your spouse or boyfriend, your mom or cousin, or even your best friend to help you. You may even bring one of them into the transition area with you to help you set up!

Do not mount your bike anywhere near the premises without your helmet securely fastened or you will be disqualified. This includes any family or friend riding you bike for you. YES, you could get penalized for them not having a helmet on!!!

Also, it’s mandatory to leave your pets at home.

Here is how bike drop off works 
Only participants and one individual are allowed in the transition area to help you. If a non-racer is delivering a bike, he/she will NOT be allowed to set up the racer’s transition area; a transition area volunteer will place the bike in the racer’s designated bike slot. The racer may then come on race morning (7:00-8:30 a.m.) to set up her space in the transition area. Bikes will not be allowed to enter or exit the transition area during this time. They can only be brought in between 1-5 PM.
Bikes will be guarded overnight in the transition area by hired security personnel. 

Bike Stands are a MUST
You must position your bike in a bike stand. No kickstands are to be used and no upside-down bikes are allowed. If you don’t have a bike stand, bike stands will be available for purchase for at each bib pick up and at the mandatory bike drop off.

Bike Mechanics On Site:
There will be bike mechanical assistance available at Saturday bike drop off and also on race day. On Saturday, bike mechanics from the Trek Store will be available outside the transition area. On race day the Alaska Triathlon Club will provide assistance inside the transition area.