This means, all your stuff needs to be either on you, with you, or in your transition spot. You may only leave gear in the gym locker room next door to the pool building (not the pool locker rooms). No water bottles may be hidden in the woods. No “Gu” wrappers may be dropped anywhere on the course. We get invited back to use the parking lots, pool, locker rooms, roads, and trails because we don’t leave even a single tissue behind. And “we” means “you.” Abandonment of gear = penalty, which typically means two or more minutes added to your time. If you’re like most of us, you can’t afford any extra minutes added to your finish time.

May I leave my gear in the locker room? Yes… and no!

NO. You may not leave gear in the pool locker rooms. The pool locker rooms are a pass-through only from completing your swim to Transition 1. Racers are not allowed to store items in the pool locker rooms at all – that means never! Not before, during, or after your race. There may be no storage or placement of any items in the pool locker rooms that the racers go through. Safety is the primary reason. With a lot of people coming and going in the locker rooms, storing gear in the lockers could lead to collisions with other racers. Ouch, that could really hurt!

BUT YES. You may use the lockers in the locker rooms in the gym building to the right (south) of the pool (totally separate building). These locker rooms are in a separate building next door to the pool in the high school itself. There are many lockers and showers for you to use there. You are welcome to leave anything you want in the locker room in the other building. However, please remember it is at your own risk. Use a lock on your locker. GNT is not liable for any lost, stolen, or left-behind items. If you leave an item behind, it is your responsibility to contact Bartlett High School (which will be closed for the summer after our event) to retrieve it. If we find it while cleaning, we may bring it to the banquet the following day.