On the Pool Deck

  • You may warm-up in the bulkhead of the pool only.
  • Top seeded racers may warm up their assigned lanes prior to the start of the event. There will be an “all clear” command announced prior to the national anthem. The top 32 seeded racers may remain in the pool in their respective lanes or on the pool deck at that time.
  • Do not bring any personal gear in with you. You will not be allowed to have any items on the pool deck. Remember, with the snake swim, you are entering the pool at one end and getting out of the pool at the other, thus is no place to store gear on deck.
  • You may use the locker room for gear; but you must also take your gear with you at the finish of your swim. All gear must be removed from the locker room after your swim.
  • Please assure your race tattoos are on before arriving at the venue. If your tattoos need any touch up, please have a family member or friend touch it up with a permanent marker (“Sharpie”). There will not be volunteers touching up tattoos.
  • In a snake swim there will be other swimmers in the lane ahead of and behind you; it’s your responsibility to stay on the designated sides of the lane as you snake up and down each lap.
  • Timing chips and ankle straps will be given to each racer at packet pick up. Place the strap and timing chip on your left ankle (before you start your swim) and do not take it off until you cross the finish line. These are not disposable chips and must be removed after you cross the finish line and placed in the chip bucket before leaving the finish corral. You will have to take the chip off yourself; volunteer will not assist as they may have in past years.
  • Chips must be returned to the ‘chip bucket’ in the finish zone upon completion of your race. Ankle straps are yours to keep.