How do you for Register a TEAM?


Curious how registering for a Team, Mother/Daughter, or Tri-Gen Team works?


During the FULL registration (versus the pre-registration phase) process you will be asked if you want to sign up for a Team (Business, School or Open), Mother/Daughter Team and/or a Tri-Gen Team.

Definition of team types:

  • Teams: Plan your team name early (before registration). When asked for your name, enter it in the Team name box (every team member must use the same name when they are registering), and indicate your team category. Teams will not have the ability to start together but will be competing against other teams.
    • Business Team – individuals who are working for the same business entity.
    • School – students, under the age of 18 representing the same school
    • Open – mixture of any individuals.
    • Must have a minimum of 5 individuals to be considered a team. There is no max number to the size of your team.
  • Mother/Daughter (M/D) or Tri-Gen Teams: During registration you will be asked if you want to be on a M/D or Tri-Gen team. You can choose to compete in either category, BUT NOT BOTH. You will be given the opportunity to add a team name (every team member must use the EXACT same name when they are registering). EASY Team Name Formats are “Last Name, First Name” of the oldest member of the team.  Indicate whether you are the grandmother, mother, or daughter, team member. There can be multiple daughters on one Mother/Daughter Team. For example if there is a mother and two daughter you will qualify as two separate teams. Finally, indicate if you want to start together as a team. This is important. If you do not select yes, you may be separated by bib numbers.
Please remember this is only done during the FULL Registration phase so you don’t have to panic. You can take your time once the full registration phase opens, but don’t wait until the last minute. Plan it out with your teammates, mom, daughter, or grandmother so you can be sure to all register with the same team name.