During the FULL registration process (versus the pre-registration phase) you will be asked if you want to sign up for a Team (Business, School or Open), Mother/Daughter Team and/or a Tri-Gen Team.


  • Mother/Daughter (M/D) or Tri-Gen Teams:
    • During registration you will be asked if you want to be on a M/D or Tri-Gen team.
    • You can choose to compete in either category, BUT NOT BOTH.
    • You will be given the opportunity to add a team name (every team member must use the EXACT same name when they are registering). EASY Team Name Formats are “Last Name, First Name” of the oldest member of the team but you can be creative as well.
    • Indicate whether you are the grandmother, mother, or daughter, of that team. This is very important.
    • There can be multiple daughters on one Mother/Daughter Team. For example if there is a mother and two daughter you will qualify as two separate teams.
    • Finally, indicate if you want to start together as a team. This is important. If you do not select yes, you may be separated by bib numbers. BUT, if you sign up to start together you will need to BOTH use the slowest person’s swim time and you will both go out with those swimming similar swim times.
All of the above is only asked during the FULL Registration phase so you don’t have to panic. You can take your time once the full registration phase opens, but don’t wait until the last minute. Plan it out with your teammates, mom, daughter, or grandmother so you can be sure to all register with the same team name. REMEMBER, you only have 48 hours to complete your full registration, when you receive your link after submitting your ‘Pre-Reg or Phase 1’ portion of registration.
    • Types of Teams:
      • Business Team – individuals who are working for the same business entity.
      • School – students, under the age of 18 representing the same school. Note: a teacher or administration cannot be on a school team unless they are under 18 but they can be on a ‘Business Team’.
      • Open – mixture of any individuals, ages 10+.
      • Must have a minimum of 5 individuals to be considered a team. There is no max number to the size of your team. TEAMS WILL NOT BE ASSIGNED TO START TOGETHER
    • Plan your team name early (before registration). When asked for your name, enter it in the Team name box (every team member must use the same name when they are registering), and indicate your team category. Teams will NOT have the ability to start together but will be competing against other teams. Why be on a team if we cannot be together while racing? The purpose of a team is to combine your overall scores at the end of the event. Those with the best times will be awarded at the banquet.
    • Why can’t our team members all start together?
      To ensure the snake swim runs smoothly, bibs are assigned by estimated swim times. The swim times of team members typically vary greatly; meaning that team members would not have bib assignments in the same start blocks or consecutively since the bib assignments are based on each racer’s individual swim times that are likely very different.  Racers must be on-deck during their assigned start wave and start in bib order to help the event run smoothly – this is key. In assigning waves we also do not try to put all racers with faster swim times in the morning and those with longer swim times in the afternoon. We mix up the swim blocks throughout the day; which means that one swimmer with an 10 minute estimated swim time may have a start wave in the morning, and another with an estimated 10 minute swim time may start in an afternoon start wave.  We understand it may be disappointing to not be able to have your team all start together if desired, but when trying to assign bibs for 1,600 racers to assure everyone moves through the pool in as smooth a manner as possible, it it simply not possible to accommodate all requests to start together. The upside is that team members can cheer each other on throughout the day!
    • RELAY TEAMS – There are no relay teams in the Gold Nugget Tri. The GNT is committed to having everyone end the race a triathlete, having completed all three disciplines of the race.