Why do I need to know how fast I swim 500 yards?
Before your race begins, volunteers on the pool deck will ask you how long it will take for you to swim 500 yards. Volunteers will need to know this in order to place you in a swim lane with other racers swimming at approximately the same pace/speed as you. This will help reduce the amount of times racers will have to pass one another, which will make the overall swim leg of your race much less stressful.

The only real way you know your swim time is to test yourself. It is good to know how long it takes to swim 500 yards, which is 10 laps (a lap is down and back) or 20 lengths. If you don’t know your 500-yard swim time, test yourself before race weekend. When you are asked by a volunteer in the pool area what your estimated swim time is, be prepared to answer how long it will take you to swim 500 yards:

You may even be asked to be more specific with your time rather than just fast, medium or slow. It is so important that you have a very good idea what your actual swim time is. In order to keep the swim lanes moving along, we may try to move people into swim lanes with other racers who have a similar swim pace. It is no fun for anyone to swim with other people who aren’t swimming at the same speed.

– Fast: 10 minutes or less
– Medium: 10-15 minutes
– Slow: 15 minutes or more