Lap Counting and Timing 
While we will still use volunteers to count your swim laps, your official swim time will begin when the timing device for your bib number is activated as you push off of the pool wall. When you get out of the pool and cross over the timing mat leading into the locker room, your swim time will be completed. YES, the very short walk from when you get out of the pool until you cross the mat will be part of your swim time. If you are comparing your swim time to previous GNT swim times, you may see a slightly longer or shorter swim time depending on what lane you were in. BUT, remember, it is all relative, as everyone will be timed the exact same way and your total race time will be comparable to prior years.

Why do you use lap counters and swim cards if you use electronic timing and I’m wearing a timing chip? 
The answer is two-fold: first, it helps the lap counters keep track of your laps; and secondly, if there is a question about your swim time, we have written backup. Since you’re not swimming from point A to point B for a solid time, the race directors can tell from your swim card if, say, you swam an extra lap by mistake or, forbid, you short yourself a lap and only swim nine… you certainly don’t want to do that! The lap counter will count for you, but ultimately it is your responsibility to know how many laps you have completed.