Ready. Set. Go – counting your laps!

Your official swim time will begin when the timing device for your bib number is activated as you push off of the pool wall. When you get out of the pool and cross over the timing mat leading into the locker room, your swim time will be completed. Yes, the very short walk from when you get out of the pool until you cross the mat will be part of your swim time. If you are comparing your swim time to previous GNT swim times, you may see a slightly longer or shorter swim time depending on what lane you were in. Remember, it is all relative, as everyone will be timed the exact same way and your total race time will be comparable to prior years.

Seeded and lane bid racers: volunteers will do the very best they can to count laps, but they are all human – it is ultimately your responsibility to know how many laps you swam. If you feel you swam an extra lap you can protest your swim time by contacting our timing crew at after your race. All protests must be received no later than Wednesday, May 18, 2022 @ 8:00 p.m.