Visit the Course Maps page for all GNT Maps, including the run course.

You are almost finished! You’ve biked up that last small hill (which seems huge at the time) leading to Transition 2 (T2). A really helpful T2 volunteer will grab your bike from you and have it delivered back to the bike corral at Bartlett High School. You take your first step toward the run and your quads let out a little scream. Don’t let that scare you. It’s totally normal. Quads have a tendency to do that. And you’re off! Off on the last leg of your first, second, third, tenth, twentieth triathlon. Only 3.25 miles to go!

The GNT run course is beautiful, and, fortunately, slightly downhill most of the way! Run down the hill (note: there is now a port-a-potty on the left just in case), across the bridge, and follow the marked trail for the 3.25 mile run. There will be water/sports drink, music, and people cheering near miles 1.25. Continue on the “tank trail” for about 2.25 miles.

Turn right at the fork in the trail, which will be clearly marked. Veer right onto Starview Drive (a.k.a. Glenn Highway frontage road). Enjoy the music from local talented musicians as you move on to the pavement where you will run on the left side of the road for approximately 0.8 miles past the Chugach Electric plant and Centennial Campground. You are getting really close to the end of your race! As you pass the Centennial Park campground enter the flagged off run lane to the left that will guide you to the finish at Pena Park Sports Complex. Follow the cones, flagging and celebratory music to the finish arch. You are done with your race! Congratulations, you are officially a Gold Nugget Triathlon finisher!