Timing Chips

What’s this chip everyone is talking about?

At packet pick-up, you will receive a timing chip. Do not trade or use anyone else’s chip. Each chip has a unique number assigned to your bib number to accurately provide split times and final finish times. You will wear the chip in the pool (yep, it is waterproof), on the bike, and on your run. Once you put the chip on, you should not take it off until you have crossed the finish line. You need to put the chip on your left ankle BEFORE you start your swim. These are disposable chips; so, unlike some events, we will not collect them after the race. You may take your chip off and throw it away or keep it as a souvenir. You also get to keep the neoprene ankle strap from one of our major sponsors.

We highly recommend that you do not wear your chip the remainder of the day or go near any of the timing mats with your bib on before your race starts or after your race is complete.

How do I put the chip on? There is a picture and detailed instructions of how to put on the chip on the outside of the envelope that you will receive at packet pick-up. Or you can view this You Tube video here.