What if I want to start with my friend, but our bib numbers are 100 and 1,100? May we start together?

No, sorry. Racers need to be on the pool deck, in line, and ready to start in bib number order and at your assigned time. You can only imagine what would happen if everyone went when they wanted to. We would not be able to ensure a timely movement of swim start times.

Be prepared to be on the pool deck when your bib number is called, or even a bit earlier.

What if my assigned bib number is called and I’m already on deck? May I go straight to the place in line where my bib number should be?

Bib numbers are assigned by estimated swim times. You must START your event/swim in bib order. Bib assignments do not necessarily mean we will go from fastest estimated time to slowest. It simply means that we are grouped by like estimated swim times together. We will do the best we can to mix it up; but you MUST start in bib order.

This is important. YOU MUST KNOW YOUR SWIM TIME. The closest everyone is to knowing their swim time the better chance we have of assigning you bib numbers accordingly. When swim times are off it can severely slow the starting process down which means you may be slowing down the start times for everyone behind you.

2024 Swim Start Wave – Click Image for Large View