What if I want to start with my friend, but our bib numbers are 100 and 1100? May we start together? 

No, sorry. Racers need to be on the pool deck, in line, and ready to start in bib number order and at your assigned time. You can only imagine what would happen if everyone went when they wanted to. We would not be able to ensure a timely movement of swim start times.

Be prepared to be on the pool deck when your bib number is called, or even a bit earlier.

What if my assigned bib number is called and I’m already on deck? May I go straight to the place in line where my bib number should be?

Yes, you may. HOWEVER, if you show up and your bib number has already gone, you will be asked to go to the back of the line (not directly to the front of the line). For example, if you are bib number 300 and, when you show up on the pool deck, the next bib number at the start of the line is 390, then you have missed your time and may be asked to go to the back of the group already in line.

It is best for everyone to be in line, on time, and in order.