What do I do when I get to the pool building?

For starters:

  • Know your approximate start time (by your bib number) before you get to the pool. Start times are listed on the event schedule and in the racer hand book you will be given at bib pick up.
  • While we try to stay on time, we have been known to run early or a bit behind so be prepared for either. Please be ready potentially one hour prior to your ON DECK time since pool times may vary.  
  • Bib number start times will be posted on the electronic board as you enter the pool building telling you which bib numbers should be on deck and in line.
  • Enter the pool building with what you will need for your swim and for your exit to enter Transition 1 to get your bike.
  • There is no storage in the pool area for your equipment/gear. Keep it with you and place what you have under your lap counter’s chair (that’s all the space you will have).
  • Pick up your swim card (located just inside the pool building entrance). 
  • Wait in the hall until a volunteer says it is safe to enter the pool area. Racers will be exiting out the  door next to the location you will be entering the pool, so please be safe and listen to what the volunteers tell you.
  • If your bib number has not been called, you may wait in the upstairs spectator viewing area until your bib number group is announced to be ON DECK. Again, watch the electronic clock in the pool area.
  • Upon entering the pool deck, you have the option of warming up in the center bulkhead or crossing the bulkhead and getting in line to swim. 
  • The shallow end of the pool is to your left and the deep end is to your right. 
  • Please line up numerically by bib number.
  • When you reach the front of the line, you will be asked your approximate swim time for 500 yards. This will be used to place you with swimmers of a similar pace.
  • Wait along the back wall in the lane to which you have been assigned. When it is time, the lap counter will have you get into the pool to the far right corner of your lane. Please note that there may be three people currently swimming in the lane. You will hug the corner of the lane until one of the swimmers has completed their swim and gets out of the pool. Immediately upon that swimmer’s exit from the pool, a timing person will confirm your bib number, key it into an electronic timing pad, and start your time when you kick off of the pool wall.
  • Please abide by all rules of circle swimming.
  • If you have purchased a lane bid, you will be splitting a lane and not circle swimming.